My Bio

Trekking Notes in the Italian Alps
Greek Island – Folegandros

My paintings combine elements of imagination and realism that capture the visions that come to me through dreams, ideas, spiritual concepts, imagination and the conscious contemplation of spiritual subjects.
I truly believe that when our heart is in the right place spiritually, dreams, contemplation’s and the conscious use of the imagination are important practices for understanding life, for the personal development of a greater awareness of who and what we are in relationship to Spirit, to the reasons we’re here in this world, and for understanding what we choose to give to life. These practices have surely helped me on my spiritual journey through life.
Being a self-educated artist my only formal training was a two year correspondence course from TheFamous Artists School in Westport, Connecticut, co-founded by Norman Rockwell. I’ve studied the paintings and glazing techniques of Maxfield Parrish, the writings of Robert Henri, and the visionary works Salvador Dali, a few of the more prominent artists that inspired me on my journey through this artist  path of self-discovery.
I was especially drawn to Parrish’s use of transparent oil glazing for developing my own technique for maintaining color depth, brightness, and clarity in my paintings. After painting with oils for many years I turned to acrylics for what I considered a more direct approach to transparent painting which I consider a symbol for the seamless overlap and transparent connection between the inner world and the outer physical world.