Fine Art Prints

These Fine Art Prints are printed from my original paintings. They are signed, numbered, printed, mounted and shipped by me.

These prints are the highest quality standard for printing single or multiple limited edition prints on paper or canvas. Made of 100% natural dyes on a variety of well known, heavy cotton papers and canvases. The prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of dye onto the fine art material.

Print Materials are made from archival quality rag paper or canvas with archival quality inks. Independent testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. (a world-leader in image-longevity testing) has established that these “Archival-Prints” will last more than 200 years before any noticeable shift in color integrity occurs.

Fine Art Prints, traditionally called Giclee’ are now found in the finest galleries. Giclee’ (pronounced “gee-clay”) is a French word meaning “to spray ink”. Artwork is photographed, scanned digitally and printed on a high-resolution, inkjet printer. Reputable museums around the world, including the Louvre, New York’s Metropolitan Museum, and the Guggenheim, display these prints as part of their collections.
A Fine Art Print of this quality is as close as it gets to an original painting!
Prints Come In two sizes: Large – 32“x24” & Small – 18″x 24″

(Actual size may vary according to original image size.)
Small $195 + Shipping
Large $ 350 + Shipping
(At present shipping rate varies between $25 to $28 )

Prints are mounted on rigid foam-board backing
and shipped flat via USPS ground.
3 or more prints 10% Discount Plus FREE Shipping in USA !

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